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While my experience lends itself naturally to finance-related (especially equity markets and macroeconomics) writing, I pride myself on my ability to research and distill complex topics into digestible written material, regardless of industry. 

Please visit "From the Editor's Desk" for my latest insights on the craft of writing, editing, and content strategy.

1  \  Writing

Written communications come in many forms, including regular client commentaries (monthly and quarterly), white papers, thought leadership pieces, editorial and reporting- or news-oriented blog posts, and marketing content (e-mail and website content, press releases, etc.). From earliest brainstorming sessions through final editing, I collaborate with clients to provide a highly polished final draft within their timeframe. 

2  \ Editorial

Every writer needs an editor—not only to spot grammatical and structural issues, but also to ensure clear and concise writing. Requiring a reader to work hard to decipher meaning makes them likelier to give up. Maybe you have subject matter experts with great content ideas but who lack the writing skills necessary to convey those ideas clearly. I work with writers of all skill levels to help them synthesize their thoughts and tighten their arguments with the aim of delivering a better-written final draft. 

3  \  Content Strategy

A content marketing strategy is designed to brand your company as a well-informed, intelligent, and noteworthy thought leader in your industry. These programs can comprise a variety of content, including written pieces, videos, live events, and more. I work with clients to devise an initial strategy and am available thereafter to help execute it as a writer, an editor, or somewhere in between.   


Let's Work Together

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss whether I might be a good fit for a project you're contemplating, regardless of whether it seems to fit within these parameters. After an initial consultation, I would be happy to provide a scope of work, including an estimate of time and cost.

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